This page is dedicated to tracking my movements, the people I interact with, and the things I am interested in.

Desert Party

This past weekend I travelled to Joshua Tree with a couple of friends. We spent a few hours in the park and then went to this annual party that I have had the great fortune of attending 3 years in a row. My dear friend Darin Limvere introduced me to this madness and to this wonderful community of people who get together every year to throw down. Unfortunately for me, Darin wasn’t able to attend this year, but we held it down in his name. 

Big thanks to my homie Chris Hadland for shooting some of this footage. His Sony RX-100 can produce some amazing images for a pocket camera and in his capable hands it can look like a professional rig. The ultra high speed footage is all from that little guy. 

The rest of the footage and the majority of the stills (in gallery below) are from my Sony A7s-ii.

Peace, love and good vibes, y’all!