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Summer 2012

Forgive me for I have sinned... It has been 4 months since my last blog post... 


That's because I've been busy as heck! In June I began shooting a TV series for Committee Films titled America Unearthed. The program will premiere sometime in Decemeber (I believe...) on H2, History Channel's second service. It stars Scott Wolter, a forensic geologist as he uncovers clues and artifacts that point to pre-columbian contact with the new world. We will wrap photography on this program sometime in December or January. 


Here are three highlights for me from the past few months. 

I had the pleasure of collaborating with my friend Kerry Riley of Needle and Black, shooting some photos for her new designs:


Thanks on the photos to Crist Ballast and Deanna Johnson for their makeup artistry and Saumer Kinsey and Dean Brewington of Mezzanine Salon for their hair engineering. Ben Hipley assisted me and Phil and Dave at the Schmidt Brewery in Saint Paul provided the location. 

I photographed a spot for Park Nicollet with director Josh Thacker and producer Jodi Nelson:


We shot on Cinemechanic's RED EPIC, at 5k. Assisted by Steve Speers himself. Gaffed by Chris Hultgren and Key Gripped by the indominable Peter Clemence. 

And a music video I shot and directed (and edited, guh!) for Doomtree was released on MTV. 


This video was made possible by donations of time, labor and equipment by too many people to name. Produced by Sergio Rapu and Carrie Bush, Production Design by Mark Wojahn, Wardrobe by Cerah Tymoshuk and Makeup by Crist... there are really WAY too many folks to list here... a full credit list will be published at some point. 

Along the way I shot a short film for my dear friend Todd Cobery, titled Eden. An apolapyptic prequil to a post apolcalyptic feature he is developing... And most recently I just wrapped a feature for director Shelli Ainsworth and producer Christine Walker titled Stay Then Go. Stay tuned for more on that! 

Hopefully it won't be as long between posts next time :)

Cheers for now