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Unless You Speak From the Heart

I had the great pleasure of concepting, directing and photographing a hybrid live performance/music video for producer Dan Huiting (City of Music). The video was for Porcelain Raft's song "Unless You Speak From the Heart". The video premiered yesterday on

We used roughly 30 channels on a dimmer board to light the main close-up which gave us a nearly infinite variety of lighting styles and colors to play with... I wish I could have take the concept even further... some day. I had a blast making this and the crew was amazing. 

Extra shout out to Crist Ballas and his amazing makeup team for helping create the wonderful faces we see, Gaffer Dave Underhill and his team of awesome guys, editor Jason Ho and colorist Josh Allard at Pixel Farm. 


 Some behind the scenes stuff:

[wpvideo GRxASZOt]

Mauro entertains the crew with a rendition of Eye of the Tiger.